Media Announcement - Enbridge Gas provides over $170,000 for energy-efficiency projects at Flavor Fresh in Leamington

LEAMINGTON, ON, April 5, 2022 /CNW/ - Through the Enbridge Gas Inc. (Enbridge Gas) Greenhouse Energy Efficiency program, Flavor Fresh Farms Ltd. (Flavor Fresh) is receiving $174,203 in support of recent energy efficiency upgrades at its Leamington facility. This investment not only helps the company reduce costs, lower emissions and improve competitiveness, but it also contributes to Ontario's goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The high-tech, 24-acre glass greenhouse received incentives for two projects completed in 2021. The projects equate to a natural gas savings of 10,607,864 m3 per year—enough to heat about 2,500 homes for one year. Flavor Fresh has used the savings to invest in energy curtains, zip doors and a planned 25-acre future expansion.

The incentive has also enabled the company to improve its ventilation system to allow excess heat to escape and cooler outside air to enter. When the vents are closed, they ensure no air is entering and/or escaping, allowing for better control of greenhouse parameters. Efficient ventilation and seals result in lower emissions as climate control systems, such as natural gas boilers, are required less often.

Additionally, this is a big win for the province as it works with business partners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Conservation efforts, such as Enbridge Gas' Energy Conservation program can help businesses reduce emissions and find a path to net-zero in the future.

The Enbridge Gas Greenhouse Energy Efficiency program is part of a larger Industrial Energy Conservation program that was designed to guide, assist and reward end-use customers to improve energy efficiency and environmental performance in new construction or on major renovation projects. More information can be found here:


"The success of Enbridge's Energy Efficiency programs is completely dependent on working with our customers and understanding all of their energy solution needs. While natural gas continues to be one of the most economical fuels, we also want to ensure that our customers are being as efficient as possible with their usage. The combination of innovation, collaboration and conservation efforts has proven a successful strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions today as we move to a clean energy future." Steven Jelich, Director, Southwest Region Operations, Enbridge Gas

"Initial investment for energy efficient equipment is essential to not only reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced, but provide a return in terms of energy savings in the future. With the help of Enbridge Gas' Energy Efficiency Incentive program, we were able to install energy efficient equipment to help protect the environment and redirect cost savings to enhance our operations." Dean Mastronardi, Owner, Flavor Fresh

"Congratulations to Enbridge Gas and Flavor Fresh on this exciting conservation initiative that lowers carbon emissions and helps improve the quality of life for residents in Leamington. Innovative partnerships, such as this one, demonstrate that it is possible to make strides towards net-zero emission goals and create a greener, healthier future for Ontarians." Todd Smith, Ontario's Energy Minister

SOURCE Enbridge Gas Inc.

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