Enbridge Gas Distribution Taking Emergency Calls Only

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Dec. 22, 2013) - Enbridge Gas Distribution's natural gas system continues to operate normally during the winter storm, however due to a high volume of calls and poor road conditions, the utility is currently responding to emergency calls only.

Call Enbridge Gas Distribution if you smell gas or to report an emergency such as a damaged pipe or meter

Unless customers have an emergency such as the smell of natural gas, they should not call Enbridge Gas Distribution. If a customer does not have heat due to a power outage or requires natural gas appliances to be relit after power is restored, please contact a heating contractor. If a customer does not have one, they can find service providers online or in the phone book under 'Heating Contractors' or 'Appliances - Sales & Services.'

If a customer has an emergency such as the smell of gas or is reporting a pipeline or meter damage (including by falling trees or branches) they should call

Enbridge Gas Distribution's emergency line at 1-866-763-5427 from a neighbour's phone. If they have any difficulty reaching that line due to high cal l volumes or if they are experiencing symptoms of carbon monoxide, they should contact their local fire department.

Call 911 if you or someone in your family is experiencing symptoms of carbon monoxide (CO)

If your carbon monoxide alarm sounds, open windows and doors to let fresh air in. If anyone in your household has symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure, leave your house immediately, seek medical help and call 911.

Exposure to CO can cause flu-like symptoms such as headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, drowsiness, burning eyes, confusion, disorientation and unconsciousness. In severe cases, prolonged exposure to CO poisoning could result in death.

Customers should not attempt to fix any problems related to the disruption of their supply of natural gas.

Gently keep your natural gas meter and appliance vents clear of snow, ice

Enbridge Gas Distribution also reminds customers that clearing snow and ice is an important part of winter safety. In addition to scraping car windows and shoveling sidewalks, natural gas meters, pressure regulators and appliance exhaust vents should be kept free of snow and ice to operate safely and efficiently.

Snow or ice build-up could damage a natural gas meter or regulator, interrupt natural gas service or cause an appliance to malfunction, which could create a serious safety hazard.

If a meter, regulator or external vents are covered with snow or ice, remove the snow carefully with either a car brush or broom. Do not use sharp objects or force, such as kicking or hitting, or hot water, salt or other melting methods to remove the snow or ice as this may cause damage.

Enbridge Gas Distribution encourages customers to take these additional safety precautions:

  • Never pile snow against gas equipment or appliance vents
  • Don't let snow or ice block your vents as this could cause dangerous carbon monoxide to build up indoors
  • Be careful when using a shovel, plow or snow blower near gas equipment or appliance vents

If snow or ice build-up on natural gas meters or regulators cannot be gently removed with a broom or car brush, call Enbridge Gas Distribution for assistance at 1-877-ENBRIDGE (362-7434).

If you need assistance to clear a blocked appliance vent, please contact a heating contractor.

For more information on snow and ice safety and to view a video please visit www.enbridgegas.com/safetytips.

Tips for staying warm during a power outage

Some customers are currently experiencing a loss of heat due to power outages. This is because some natural gas appliances including some furnaces require electricity to operate.

If necessary, customers are advised to keep warm by:

  • Adding extra clothes and wrapping yourselves in blankets and sleeping bags to conserve body heat
  • Using a fireplace or wood stove. However, make sure the flue is open and that the chimney is clear of debris or other obstructions - if your wood burning fireplace doesn't have its own air supply duct, open a nearby window to ensure a supply of fresh air for the fireplace
  • Open the curtains and blinds to help warm your home if it's sunny
  • Close curtains or blinds to prevent heat from escaping if it's cloudy
  • When possible, keep your windows and doors closed to prevent heat from escaping
  • Do not use any type of equipment designed for outdoor use such as barbecues (including natural gas, propane or charcoal burning models) and gasoline powered generators indoors
  • Do not use appliances such as stoves to heat your home
  • Use electric space heaters following all necessary operating instructions.

Please listen to media reports and messages from your local municipality or hydro utility for more information related to the restoration of electricity service or warming centres if applicable.

Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. has a more than 160-year history and is Canada's largest natural gas distribution company. It is owned by Enbridge Inc., a Canadian-based leader in energy transportation and distribution and one of the 2012 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations. Enbridge Inc. has been selected as one of Canada's Greenest Employers for 2012 and is one of Canada's Top 100 Employers. Enbridge Gas Distribution and its affiliates distribute natural gas to two million customers in Ontario, Quebec, New York State and New Brunswick. For more information, visit www.enbridgegas.com or follow @enbridgegasnews.


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