Enbridge Gas Distribution Reminds Customers and Contractors To Call Ontario One Call Before Clearing a Blocked Sewer Line

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 6, 2011) - Enbridge Gas Distribution (TSX:ENB) (NYSE:ENB) encourages everyone in its service area - including plumbers, municipal sewer operators, property managers and property owners to call Ontario One Call to obtain a Natural Gas Sewer Safety Inspection before taking any steps to clear a sewer line beyond the outside walls of a home or business.

The use of rotating equipment (such as a motorized auger, power snake or other root-cutting equipment) or water jetting (flushing) equipment to clear a sewer service line blockage beyond the outside wall of a building can pose a serious safety risk if certain precautions are not taken.

"Safety is an ongoing priority at Enbridge and that's why we continue to educate people on the importance of sewer safety inspections," says Jamie Milner, Vice President, Enbridge Gas Distribution. "It's important that everyone take the necessary precautions before any work is done to clear a blocked sewer line beyond the outside wall of their home or business for their own safety and the safety of others."

This initiative addresses an industry-wide safety issue related to the past use of trenchless underground tunneling to install natural gas service lines. It is possible that some natural gas lines installed using these methods may have inadvertently intersected with sewer service lines. Without interference, natural gas lines will remain in a safe condition, even in cases where an intersection with a sewer line has occurred. However, a serious safety risk will arise if equipment used to clear a sewer line causes damage to an intersecting natural gas line. Risks include the creation of conditions that may lead to a gas leak, fire or explosion.

Anyone planning to use rotating or water jetting equipment beyond the exterior walls of a building should call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 before any work begins. Ontario One Call will arrange for Enbridge to conduct a free Natural Gas Sewer Safety Inspection to avoid potential damage to underground natural gas pipes.

Alternatively, drain-clearing service providers may be able to perform a complete, clear video inspection of the sewer service line to rule out the presence of a natural gas line before using any rotating or water jetting equipment. However, if the presence of a natural gas line cannot be ruled out, anyone planning to use rotating or water jetting equipment should call Ontario One Call for an inspection.

Enbridge has an ongoing campaign to raise awareness of this issue with other utilities, municipalities, plumbers and drain-clearing service providers. Industry representatives looking for more information or brochures to share with their employees may call 1-888-880-8948.

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