Enbridge Gas Distribution Helps Make Older Homes More Energy Efficient

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 6, 2008) - Enbridge Gas Distribution (TSX:ENB) (NYSE:ENB) is offering customers living in homes built before 1980 and heated by hot-water radiator systems free energy saving Novitherm(TM) Heat Reflector panels.

While owners of newer homes reap the benefits of modern heating systems and insulated windows and walls, owners of older homes are faced with structural obstacles that may prevent them from easily improving energy efficiency. Homes built before 1980 with hot-water radiators are susceptible to significant heat loss through poorly insulated exterior walls. Enbridge Gas Distribution is offering heat reflector panels to these customers to help them become more energy efficient this winter.

The heat reflector panel is installed between the radiator and the adjacent exterior wall. The panel's aluminized surface reflects more than 90 per cent of the heat back into the room - heat that's normally absorbed and lost through the exterior wall. The result increases efficiency and cost savings for the homeowner.

"Enbridge is serious about its commitment to the environment," says Glenn Beaumont, Vice President, Enbridge Gas Distribution. "Helping to make older homes more energy efficient is a simple step we can take that will have a meaningful impact on reducing energy consumption."

The Novitherm(TM) Heat Reflectors are provided free of charge - up to a maximum of 39 panels per customer. Customers are responsible for paying a $25 flat shipping and handling fee. A brochure with detailed instructions for measuring and ordering Novitherm(TM) Heat Reflectors is available at www.enbridge.com/novitherm or by calling Enbridge Gas Distribution at 1-888-GAS-8888.

For technical information regarding Novitherm(TM) Heat Reflectors and their installation, call Novitherm Canada at 1-866-382-5505 or go to www.novitherm.com.

Enbridge Gas Distribution has a 160-year history and is Canada's largest natural gas distribution company. Enbridge Gas Distribution is owned by Enbridge Inc., a Canadian-based leader in energy transportation and distribution. As a distributor of energy, Enbridge owns and operates distribution services in Ontario, which distributes natural gas to more than 1.8 million customers in Ontario, New York State, New Brunswick and southwestern Quebec.

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