Enbridge Gas Distribution Adjusts Commodity-Related Prices
TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Jun 24, 2004) - Enbridge Gas 
Distribution, a regulated utility, announced today that it has 
received approval from the Ontario Energy Board to adjust its 
prices effective July 1, 2004. The impact of the changes will 
vary based on the amount of gas used and whether customers buy 
their natural gas from the utility or a natural gas marketer. 

Gas Supply Charge 

The utility's Gas Supply Charge represents the actual cost of the 
natural gas and is passed on to customers without mark-up. 
Customers pay the same price that Enbridge Gas Distribution does 
for the natural gas supply on the competitive market. As a result 
of an increase in market prices, the Gas Supply Charge will 
increase by approximately 16 per cent. The utility's new 
residential gas supply price will be 28.06 cents per cubic metre. 
The current price is 24.07 cents per cubic metre. For a typical 
residential customer(1) who buys the natural gas they use from 
the utility, this represents an annual increase in the Gas Supply 
Charge of $122.(2) 

Customers who buy their natural gas from a marketer will continue 
to pay the price specified in their contract with that marketer. 

The Gas Supply Charge reflects what the Company expects to pay 
for natural gas supply for the next 12 months. This forecast is 
reviewed quarterly and, if necessary, adjusted up or down. If 
there is a difference between the forecast prices charged to 
customers and the actual amount paid by the Company, the 
difference is collected from or reimbursed to customers. 

Delivery Charge 

The Delivery Charge will increase slightly. This rise is 
attributable to higher costs for natural gas storage which is 
included in the Delivery Charge. The cost for natural gas storage 
is directly linked to the natural gas supply price. Other 
components of the Delivery Charge such as the cost of 
transporting natural gas to Ontario and through the distribution 
system to customers have not changed. This increase applies to 
all Enbridge Gas Distribution customers, whether they buy their 
gas supply from the utility or from a marketer. For a typical 
residential customer(1), the annual increase to the Delivery 
Charge will be approximately $4. 

As a regulated utility, Enbridge Gas Distribution earns an 
approved rate of return, or profit, on the capital it has 
invested in the distribution system. This is included in the 
Delivery Charge and has not changed. 

Natural Gas Market 

"We are seeing an increasing tightness between the demand and 
supply of natural gas in the North American market which has led 
to an upward pressure on natural gas prices," said Arunas 
Pleckaitis, Vice President, Enbridge Gas Distribution. 

"The environmental, economic and other benefits of natural gas 
continue to make it the preferred energy fuel of choice across 
North America," said Pleckaitis. "Increasing demand has put 
pressure on traditional North American supply. We continue to 
work with the industry to create a positive environment for 
continued investment that will bring natural gas from traditional 
and non-traditional sources to market to help meet growing demand 
and address price volatility." 

Natural gas continues to be the best choice for Ontario 
consumers. Over the past five years, natural gas has been on 
average about 43 per cent cheaper than electricity.(2) 

Reducing Energy Demand 

In addition to efforts to help increase supply, Enbridge Gas 
Distribution also continues to help customers reduce energy use 
or demand. Between 1995 and 2003, Enbridge Gas Distribution 
helped customers save enough gas to serve 450,000 homes for a 
year or take 650,000 cars off the road, reducing carbon dioxide 
emissions by 2.5 million tonnes. Enbridge is the proud winner of 
Canada's 2004 ENERGY STAR Market Transformation Award - Utility 
of the Year. Enbridge Gas Distribution received the award for 
providing leadership in overcoming market barriers, changing 
consumer behaviour and encouraging use of high efficiency ENERGY 
STAR qualified residential gas furnaces and boilers. A new 
brochure for residential customers about reducing energy use is 
available at www.enbridge.com/gas. 

Enbridge Gas Distribution delivers gas to about 1.7 million 
customers in its franchise area. Of those customers, about 60 per 
cent buy their gas supply from the utility. About 40 per cent of 
the utility's customers buy their gas supply directly from 

Please see the attached backgrounder for more information about 
Enbridge Gas Distribution prices. 

(1) A typical residential customer uses 3,064 cubic metres of 
natural gas a year for home and water heating. 

(2) Based on the annual bill for a typical residential customer 
who buys their natural gas from the utility. Updated based on 
annualized rates effective July 1, 2004. 


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